Cities are resembling futuristic sci-fi worlds like Blade Runner due to the prevalence of digital signage advertising. Digital screens have become a pervasive aspect of modern life, altering people’s behaviors, and driving an increasing demand for them. The global digital…


10 Digital signage applications in offices

Digital signage refers to electronic systems for displaying content on screens for advertising or informational purposes. In offices, digital signage can be used in the following ways: Company information: Information about the company, its history, values, and products can be…


3 ways digital signage can improve banks

Banks have been making efforts to streamline their branches and enhance their services to meet the evolving demands of consumers who increasingly prefer to carry out routine banking activities online and seek financial advice in person. To this end, banks…

menu boardy dla restauracji

Is it worth to place a menu board in your restaurant?

This is a frequent question that restaurateurs ask themselves because the installation of menu boards seems very beneficial at first glance, but it finally involves incurring certain costs, which discourages many people. After all, the entire menu can simply be…

led screens

What are LED screens?

LED stands for “light-emitting diode.” It is a type of semiconductor device that converts electricity into light. LED displays are made up of many small LED lights that are arranged in a grid pattern to form a screen. These displays…

advertising totems

What is an advertising totem?

An advertising totem is a type of outdoor advertising structure that is typically tall and narrow, with a display area at the top for displaying advertisements. Advertising totems are often placed in high-traffic areas, such as on the side of…

Where is it useful to place menuboards?

Where is it useful to place menuboards?

Menu boards are typically found in food-service environments, such as restaurants, cafes, and fast-food chains. These types of displays are used to show customers the food and drink options available for purchase, as well as prices and any special offers…

Does Digital Signage Monitor Increase Sales

Does Digital Signage Monitor Increase Sales?

Digital signage monitors can help increase sales, but there is no guarantee that this will be the case in every situation. Much depends on how effectively the advertisements are designed and displayed, as well as whether the digital signage monitor…

The screen for the shop window

A shop window – regardless of whether it is on a busy street or in a shopping mall – is the first element that the customer sees. Properly designed, it allows you to stand out among the neighbors and effectively encourage you to enter the sales room.

digital signage system

Digital signage system

Large screens that are used in many sectors, we often see them at stations, airports and shopping malls. They display the timetable, public transport delays, and current promotions. In addition, we can observe well-functioning displays, which are a tool for…