How to increase your income in grocery stores?


In modern commercial facilities, we often see huge glass facades, LED screens and video walls in galleries. However, you don’t have to pay such high costs to drive your sales through digital signage technology

Consumers make 70% of their purchasing decisions at the point of sale.

In small grocery stores, this pattern is even stronger. The first signals regarding the need to buy a specific commodity reach our brain at the mere sight of it. No wonder the mere display of goods in a clearly visible place can be a key advantage for store owners.This knowledge is used by traders by presenting images of the most desired goods on advertising screens.


  • A Promotional Advertising Screen is nothing more than a digital screen, usually placed in a key, clearly visible place, e.g. at the meat counter, at the entrance to the store, in the main communication route, or at the cash register itself.
  • Each of them is remotely controlled from anywhere with online access, using an easy-to-use administration panel.


Creating a promotion is extremely simple, it takes less than 30 seconds.


Product board creator

For supermarkets, we have prepared a tool that allows you to easily create and add new promotions. It takes less than 30 seconds!

How it works?

  • Log in to the board maker system on the website
  • Enter the product name, short description, fill in the price and select the appropriate photo from the database
  • The advertising spot is created by itself and displayed on a selected screen on selected datespot
  • Without a graphic designer and IT department!

In order to log in, use the data below
login: market@localscreens.pl
password: test

  • The promotional board includes a photo of the product, its name and description. The whole is displayed on a previously prepared template, which contains subtle animations of the product (it moves), thanks to which it effectively catches the customer’s eye.
  • Thanks to this tool, the store owner has the opportunity to implement modern digital signage technology without spending time on service and without specialist knowledge.


You can agree or not, but the advertising screen in a small grocery store serves as an additional, clearly visible display of the assortment.

However, just as the mismatched shelf does not sell, the advertising screen “sells” only when the monitor displays clear information about the desired product range for your customers.

According to the Pareto principle, it is likely that in your store 20% of the goods you sell generate 80% of profits.

Najpierw dowiedz się, które to towary. Jeśli jesteś doświadczonym handlowcem prawdopodobnie jesteś w stanie wskazać te towary intuicyjnie.

Specify 20-50 of the most important goods. These goods are the main factor that motivates your customers to buy. You have to revolve around them, make them buy more of them, buy other products in a bundle, or buy similar products with a higher margin. This way you can generate significant increases in profit.

Remember that each additional PLN 1000 of the generated margin is your pure profit.


  • You already know which goods are the most important.
  • Suppose your store is on a housing estate and your best-selling items are beer, salty snacks in the evening, buns, cheese and yoghurts in the morning, and sweet sodas and sweets at weekends.
  • Your task is to display what customers want now on the advertising screen.

The main display strategies are:

  • Multiple items for the most desirable goods
  • Display of goods with a higher margin
  • Sale of complementary products
  • Sale of snacks
  • Reduction of warehouse losses


Since you know that beer sells the best on Friday evening, make the promotion “2 + 1” or “2 for 3” or “2 for 5 PLN”. With the Promotional Board Creator, you can do it in less than a minute without any special skills

  • The easiest way is to divide the day into two periods “until noon” and “afternoon”
  • Identifying, for example, the five best-selling products at that time and preparing the promotion of the so-called “Multi-items” and then displaying the information on the advertising screen.
  • This is the main strategy aimed at getting your customers to buy more of the goods they came for.


Among the most desirable commodities, display the commodities with a higher margin. For example, if beer is your most desirable commodity on Friday night, display higher margin, branded, flavored, or new beer in addition to your best-selling items.

  • The purpose of such a procedure is to suggest to the client to try something new, something extra, something where you have a higher margin, and the client may be tempted to do so.


The main goal of the customer is to buy the goods they want, but your task is to remind them that maybe they could buy something extra to complement their purchase. In the evening, with beer, offer salty snacks on the advertising screen, dips for chips, and fresh juice for country cheese on Monday morning.

  • At the meat stand, advertising monitors can display spices, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard and other goods that combine with the meat assortment.
  • On entry, direct to the most desirable promotions, inform customers about low prices – make an impression right from the entrance, a price-friendly store with plenty of bargains.


If you sell hot dogs, coffee and other snacks, advertising screens are the perfect tool to increase sales of these products. An appetizing photo of a sandwich or steam rising from above a cup of coffee is much more exciting than the words “sandwich” or “coffee”.

  • We process images differently from words, the image of food or drink activates certain parts of the brain to create desire. A nice, well-lit photo of a casserole with toppings is very tempting.
  • You can convey much more information visually than with text, and animations or videos will increase the impact of the message on your audience.


Managing the assortment in a small grocery store is a huge challenge due to the expiry dates of the products.

  • Using the screens, you can push out goods with an expiry date through the occasional promotion.
  • Thanks to this, you will limit losses and also save on the disposal of unsold goods.


The installation of advertising screens must be well thought out, first of all, the screens must be clearly visible and blend in with the interior of the store. Their task is to inform customers about a specific offer, but also to increase the aesthetic value of a given store.

  • Meat stand advertising screen is the most popular place among grocery stores to place a screen.
  • The meat stand is usually at the end of the store, which means customers will still be walking between the shelves toward the checkout. This is the perfect moment for advertising monitors to provide information about the promotion of multi-items or indicate a proposal for new products that may generate a higher margin.
  • Advertising screens at the stand allow showing the goods in the context of the meats or cold cuts you buy. Spices, ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustards should be compulsorily displayed as complementary products.
  • Very often, sales representatives offer additional discounts or buy advertising space on the screens at the meat stand, due to the attractive place and reach the customer who has a chance to buy their product, after seeing the advertisement.

The advertising screen placed at the entrance to the store has two roles.

  • First of all, it is an ideal opportunity to inform about the most important promotions from the customer’s point of view. The screen can provide the customer with all the useful information.
  • Large discounts on a few selected products allow the customer to go to a specific place in the store to buy the goods.
  • In addition, we create the psychological effect of a price-friendly store, which, as research in Poland shows, is still the main factor in choosing a store.
  • Secondly, an aesthetic screen placed at the entrance of the store as a piece of furniture makes the store look modern and professional
  • Typically, the screens are connected to a small shelf where customers can stock up on leaflets.

Advertising screens mounted at the cash registers increase the possibility of selling impulse products. A customer who theoretically has already made a choice, standing in a queue for a moment, can see the offer of a new energy drink or a promotion for a new protein bark

  • Suggestive images of promotional goods make some customers buy additional, previously unplanned purchases. This means a direct increase in the profit of a given retail outlet thanks to digital signage
  • Additionally, advertising monitors at the checkout points usually remind you of the services provided by a given point, payment of bills, downloading the application, and collection of the package.

Snack menu screen

  • How about a coffee?
  • Maybe a hot dog?
  • Maybe 2 redbulls for PLN 7, we have a promotion now

These are some of the most effective questions salespeople should ask their customers. Unfortunately, they often forget about it or don’t do it at all. Sometimes it is also irritating to customers.

  • On the other hand, advertising monitors that are placed above the snacks are constantly “calling”, or maybe a hot dog?
  • Images and unobtrusive slogans make almost every customer think about buying an additional snack, and some of them decide to buy, thanks to which you are guaranteed additional income on a high-margin product.


The most popular solution in grocery stores is a single set.

  • The purchase cost is approximately PLN 3,200 when purchasing a single item.
  • You get a fully configured advertising screen with a player and digital signage software
  • The set is prepared so that you can immediately use it and install it yourself. Optionally, you can commission the installation to us.

If you have your own screen that you would like to connect to our system, you just need to buy a player and digital signage software and connect to your screen.

  • It is a tool thanks to which you can plan and create each promotion in less than 30 seconds.
  • Thanks to this, you can create quick price promotions and offer customers what they care about without the need to hire a graphic designer or IT specialist.

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