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Positive experiences in the queue

You can say something to every customer leaving your store. What are you going to say?

Screens at the checkout allow you to get acquainted with new products, highlight upcoming promotions, and help increase the return to the store.

They reduce the subjective feeling of waiting in line, thanks to moving images, weather forecasts and interesting promotions. They help you focus your attention on something other than waiting in line.


  • Show upcoming promotions
  • Promote your smartphone app
  • Show vouchers, discounts on your next purchase
  • Advertise Thursdays for seniors, Tuesdays for students
  • Inform about store closures
  • Invite to a trading Sunday

Most customers like advertising screens

70.2% of consumers respond that they watch advertising screens while waiting in line. 15.7% is not entirely sure, which means that potentially advertising screens can affect 85.9% of advertisers.

Almost half of customers prefer a shop with screens than without

40% of customers say that they prefer to shop in stores with advertising monitors. The use of advertising screens is another factor that increases loyalty to the store. Queues at checkouts are the least liked part of shopping

Queues at the part checkout are the least liked part of shopping

69% of consumers say that the most frustrating thing about shopping is the queues. This answer came most often, even before high prices (66%), and the lack of a specific product (65%).

Most liked information:

  • What’s on sale – 76%
  • weather forecast – 75%
  • Upcoming promotions – 69%
  • Services in the store – 65%
  • Local events – 64%
  • Recipe ideas – 63%
  • 69 %
    We like the queues in the store the least when shopping
  • 85 %
    We are potentially interested in watching the broadcast on screens
  • 40 %
    We prefer stores with advertising screens than without
  • Small screen many possibilities

    We use small screens to build an advertising network at supermarket checkouts. Customers who are waiting in line usually stand 0.5m – 0.7m from our screens. They watch the advertising message from many angles. Therefore, for the installation of screens at the checkouts, we use monitors with IPS matrices, which provide great color reproduction, but above all do not lose the quality of the image viewed, regardless of the angle of view. Thanks to the fact that the sensor can be viewed at an angle of 178 degrees vertically and horizontally, customers waiting in the queue will be able to experience images at the same time without losing color quality

    Sizes: from 18,5″ to 28″


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