Use Infokiosk to promote your offer!
Attract your customers’ attention with interactive screens.

What is an Infokiosk?

Infokiosk is a modern communication solution which allows for the installation of an advertising or information monitor in a place where there is no physical possibility of fixing the monitor to the wall or ceiling..

  • It is ideal if it is required to protect the advertising monitor from damage.
  • Often acts as a landmark in a given commercial space
  • Can be positioned anywhere
  • Allows you to display promotional images, videos and offers for new products or to communicate your services in a powerful way
  • An effective tool for the flow of information and also to support sales


Info kiosks can be located in any place and it is possible to personalise the shape and materials it is made of so that it fits perfectly into the space of a shop. Each infokiosk is a tailor-made solution within the framework of the customer’s requirements and budget, so that the system’s potential is maximised through the optimal configuration of its components.


Steel, aluminium, glass finish, wood… Only your imagination is the limit.


From simple cubes to irregular shapes

Matrix size

od 10″ do 98″


We offer standard infokiosks, but any infokiosks ordered can be personalized according to customer’s requirements

Infokiosks – outdoor or indoor??

In our offer you will find a wide range of infokiosks in both internal and external design.

Outdoor infokiosks are built to adapt to weather conditions. Multimedia kiosks are waterproof, resistant to dust and extreme temperatures. The unit can be installed in any location without worrying about environmental conditions. These parameters affect the higher price. Outdoor kiosks are individually tailored to customer specifications.

Indoor kiosks do not need such strong security features, which results in a lower price, but they are still impact-resistant


  • We live in an interactive society, everyone wants to touch everything. Infokiosks offer the greatest control over the individual experience and the best option for unmanned personalised service.
  • When communicating information to people on or off the street, regardless of location, it is important to provide a display that is clear, bright and easy to use. Multimedia kiosks provide excellent information displays, with high-quality monitors and text or graphics that are clear and easy to read.
  • Multimedia kiosks can improve the customer experience, speeding up service throughout the organisation. Choosing the right options will make your multimedia kiosk valuable to your organisation for many years to come.
  • Remote management is one of the biggest benefits of infokiosks, update the content displayed from anywhere in the world
  • Infokiosks can be touchscreen or have an information-only function.
  • All kiosks can have an integrated interactive touchscreen for tablet performance, regardless of size or location.
  • Multimedia kiosks are robust and durable enough to withstand the rigours of public use, while remaining reliable and user-friendly


  • Present dynamic and static content, full-screen video can be played and even combined with static digital advertising for a comprehensive marketing approach
  • Updates to content displayed on the kiosk are possible from anywhere
  • Scheduling of displays in different time loops and at different times, tailored to customer requirements
  • Possibility of connecting external devices to the infokiosks. Optional equipment for info kiosks includes various peripheral devices built in at the request of the customer
  • Multimedia kiosks may have functions such as QR code scanning, barcode reader or payment terminal
  • It is possible to display a website or any other website based on HTML5.


In railway stations, museums, theatres, libraries and public administration offices, the kiosk serves as an information source. The devices are useful for exhibitions, training courses and conferences

In hotels, touch kiosks enable self check-in, i.e. allowing the guest to check in and self check out of the hotel. Information kiosks do not require additional staff

In a shopping centre, in a shop or at self-service check-outs, promotion of specific products and services is possible using multimedia kiosks

Whether you own a retail space, a restaurant, an office building or simply want to attract visitors, we can provide you with a customised design.

Share your ideas with us and we’ll be sure to find the perfect solution for your kiosk..


Info Kiosk for the Eurospar store

At Eurospar, we have installed a multimedia kiosk with additional shelves. The client’s goal was to make the entry to the store more attractive and to increase the number of downloaded promotional leaflets. The kiosk provides information and at the same time performs commercial functions. The screen is controlled via the Internet, so the offer presented on the screen is always up-to-date. Multimedia images, on the other hand, attract the customer’s eyes and encourage them to enter.


Touchscreen information kiosk

Customised appearance
Size: 65″
Brightness: 900 cd
Resolution: Full HD
Player with software

Outdoor info kiosk

Customised appearance
Heat/low temperature resistant
Size: 55″
Brightness: 2500 cd
Resolution: Full HD
Player with software

Non-touchscreen information kiosk

Customised appearance
Size: 2 x 65″
Brightness: 900 cd
Resolution: Full HD
Player with software


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