Use digital menu boards to promote your offer!
Discover how our digital signage system works and increase your income

What are digital menu boards?

It is nothing more than a few advertising screens hung next to each other, usually hung on the wall or suspended from the ceiling. The monitors seem to be combined into one screen. Each of them is remotely controlled from anywhere with online access, using an easy-to-use administration panel.

  • Remote screen management
  • Automatic price changes

    In Warsaw’s Nice Cream ice cream shop, the owner decided to change the traditional menu boards to digital menuboards. From the video, you will find out what was the owners’ motivation to change, what the screen management looks like and what these two installations consist of. 


    You can agree or not, but technology has a huge impact on decisions about where your customer is going to eat. This gives a lot of possibilities for your restaurant. Menu boards are an effective solution for updating prices, products and promotions. They allow you to show dynamic video and immediate changes of the offer in a single location and the entire network.  Adapted to the interior of the restaurant

  • Adapted to the interior of the restaurant
  • 47 %
    Memorability of additional promotions

    According to the Networld Media Group report, advertising screens increase sales of advertised products by 5 to 10%, which translates into a return on investment in 7 to 12 months!

  • 100 %
    Return on investment in the first 12 months
  • 11.52 %
    Increase in sales of additional products and beverages
  • A picture expresses more than a thousand words

    An appetizing photo of a sandwich or steam rising from above a cup of coffee is much more exciting than the words “sandwich” or “coffee”. We process images differently than words. The image of food or drink activates certain parts of the brain to create desire. You can convey more information visually than with text.   Displaying images, animations, videos

  • Displaying images, animations, videos
  • The possibility of quick modification
  • Sell more

    A clear and appetizing presentation of additives and drinks or enlarged sets makes customers buy more. “Coffee cake for PLN 3”. “Extended set for PLN 19.99”. In addition, a photo of accessories with a characteristic plus and sales are growing! You can also show promotions rotating on the screen. A special today-only offer or a lunch offer is a great way for customers to make a quick decision and purchase

  • Promotion of sets
  • Placing rotating promotions
  • Adaptive menu

    Digital whiteboards are extremely flexible. They can be changed quickly and easily. This makes them ideal for promoting daily specials and even short-term updates like “buy a coffee and muffin between 9:00 am and 11:00 am and get a free croissant!”.
    If you serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can adjust the offer to the time of the day. Additionally, you have the option of pre-planning the information you want to display. If you offer a discount on morning cookies in the afternoon, you can create a message early in the day and schedule it to run in the afternoon.

  • Advance planning of displayed information
  • Instant menu update
  • Comfort and positive expierences

    By reducing menu and poster printouts, you save money and employees’ time, so they can focus on excellent customer service. Many people have specific dietary restrictions or allergies. You can use monitors to educate your clients If you have gluten-free options, advertise this fact.

     Gluten-free customers will surely appreciate it!

  • Shortening the perceived waiting time
  • Saving money
  • Where will digital menu boards work?

    • Queues to place an order
    • Food Court
    • Staff canteens
    • Bars and restaurants
    • Cafés and bistro
    • Café islands


    Investing in a digital menuboard network can take a lot of capital. However, this is a one-off expense. You should consider how much savings will be generated by resigning from printing, distributing, hanging and disposing of paper menus. Digital advertising screens eliminate this cost permanently! You can conduct promotions without the need for cash financing. Also, think about how many benefits you lost and how many promotions you did not carry out precisely because you would have to pay for printing, distribution, and hanging new posters. In an operating lease for 36 months, it costs about PLN 355 per month.

  • 355 PLN
    Monthly in operating lease
  • Eliminate the cost of printing paper
  • 5397 zł
    • professional advertising monitor 43″ x3
    • player Windows 10
    • lifetime software subscription
    • wiring
    8600 zł
    • professional advertising monitor 49″ x4
    • player Windows 10
    • lifetime software subscription
    • wiring
    9996 zł
    • professional advertising monitor 55″
    • player Windows 10
    • lifetime software subscription
    • wiring




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