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Outdoor installations

The vast majority of digital signage implementations are based on indoor screens that interact with customers who have already decided to enter the shopping facility. Such a screen offers unlimited possibilities for the presentation of content.

Therefore, in order to attract customers to the facility, it seems natural to install LCD screens outside the building

Screens that are installed outdoors are a radically different product from indoor screens!

Outdoor advertising screens – the leader

Many integrators create outdoor screens by inserting high-brightness monitors into weatherproof enclosures.

However, we know that the best product on the market is a Samsung monitor that is already flush with the external housing.

With this approach, we are guaranteed that each component fits together perfectly, guarantees trouble-free operation and ensures ease of installation.


  • weather-resistant
  • steel construction
  • resistant to mechanical damage
  • toughened glass
  • air-conditioning system
  • resistant to UV rays
  • various sizes

Outdoor screens and heavy-duty operation

To cope with dust, moisture and other external factors that can damage the LCD matrix, the outdoor advertising screen is equipped with a professional enclosure with IP56-level protection that covers the entire display.

As the outdoor screen is exposed to sunlight and extremely low temperatures during winter, the Samsung product provides protection in a temperature range of -30 °C to 50 °C.

It is worth adding that the screen is suitable for 24/7 operation, while eliminating the need for additional air-conditioning systems.

Anti-reflective coating

The anti-reflective coating on the monitor really makes a difference! In bright sunlight conditions, standard glass will reflect light making it difficult to see the projected image. A case fitted with anti-reflective coated glass keeps the image bright and clear even on very sunny days.

Impact protection

An outdoor advertising monitor must have special protection.

The display’s protection is provided by 5 mm thick toughened Magic Glass with IK10*-certified durability, which further demonstrates its high level of durability. In addition, a gap between the Magic Glass and the LCD panel prevents the display from breaking should the protective glass break.

*The IK (European durability test) rating refers to the degree of resistance to external influences on a scale of 0 to 10, where 10 indicates the highest level of protection.

To any size

Each enclosure is tailored to fit standard monitors offered by leading electronics manufacturers. The most commonly selected covers are to the screens:

  • 43″
  • 49″
  • 55″
  • 65″

Outdoor screens – the best visibility

Samsung’s outdoor screens are equipped with the previously mentioned innovative TUV-certified Magic Glass.

The screen also features an automatic brightness sensor that optimises brightness to optimise messages and optimise running costs.

These powerful outdoor screens also feature circular polarisation technology, which eliminates screen blindness caused by polarised sunglasses.

Using matrices with high brightness (2500 cd) and high contrast ratio (5000:1), the screen guarantees high visibility even on sunny days.
Better visibility of the content, in addition to high brightness and contrast, is ensured by the anti-reflective coating.


Enclosure dedicated for LCD

43″ – PLN 8 399 net

Enclosure dedicated for LCD

49″ – PLN 9 899 zł net

Enclosure dedicated for LCD

55″ – PLN 12 499  net

Enclosure dedicated for LCD

LCD 65″ – PLN  21 999 net

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