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Advertising totems will impress your customers

A totem is a standalone advertising monitor placed in a housing that allows you to present content without the need to mount screens to the ceiling or wall.

Digital totems enrich the appearance of the space in which they are located, they are often compared to advertising furniture, because the shapes of the housing can take on the most diverse forms.

Digital signage totems helpincrease sales, strengthen the brandmessage, and convey useful information.Screens present an offer, advertising, mapand entertainment, with much greaterforce than individual advertising screens.

Interiors equipped with this type of carriersare associated with prestigious places,give elegance and help create anatmosphere of luxury. Places whereprestigious brands are offered pay greatattention to the décor, the advertisingtotem in such spaces is a standard today.

Digital signage totems also help to enhance the positive customerexperience.

They help you quickly find the information you need

They present the current offer, allow you to check the list of available products / services.

They present the topography of the object, and help to find the right way.

Advertising Totem Design

  • External or Internal
  • One-sided or Double-sided
  • Standard or On Order
  • Steel sheet
  • Resistance to mechanical damage
  • Tempered glass
  • Weather resistance
  • Heating and ventilation systems

In addition to the totems themselves, enclosures, we offer advertising monitors, full configuration, software and assembly.

Applications of the advertising totem

  • Object maps
  • Information on public transport
  • Events
  • Restaurant menu
  • Hotel schedule, room availability
  • Trade fair information
  • Advertising
  • Interior design
  • Ordering online in the store

Customize the totem to match your branding

Totems can take many shapes and formats. We create custom advertising totems tailored to the specific architectural concept of the facility. It is worth preparing a sketch of the totem already at the stage of designing the interior of the building or store.
An advertising totem made to order is an opportunity to gain something unique and the opportunity to distinguish our facility from the competition. In combination with the appropriate advertising message on the screen, we can get an electrifying impression

The delivery time for an order totem is about 6 weeks.

Proposed packages

Totem Vestel one-sidedotem

Touch totem

External totem


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