Create a great learning environment by increasing the quality of communication in your school or university by equipping the school with electronic whiteboards.


Pupils, teachers, students, lecturers and other employees of education centers are a closely related community. Electronic whiteboards allow for effective communication between these groups. Communication, on the other hand, determines the strength of the organization and its dynamic development and effectiveness of science.

A cork board or a multimedia board for school?

In the equipment of schools, the element that repeats itself is always cork boards. However, cork boards and other traditional methods based on the use of paper require a lot of time, thanks to the use of an electronic board, you can inform everyone in the facility without leaving the office.

New possibilities

An information display case is essential to school equipment. Likely, sudden information rarely appears in your display case. This is because publishing this content takes a lot of time and it makes no sense or is physically impossible to do so.

Thanks to the use of an information screen with a remote management system, you can inform students about e.g. the absence of a given teacher and his replacement, fire-fighting exercises, and emergency calls. A multimedia board for schools allows for an effective flow of information.


Display events on the information screeny

The electronic board makes it possible to display information such as meetings of scientific clubs, lectures, pedagogical councils, concerts, and sports events

School canteen menu on the electronic board

Our app editor makes updating price lists and menu items a breeze

Display useful information

On the multimedia board for the school, you can display useful information such as weather or air-condition, or biological or historical curiosities

+ Use social media

The electronic board is a great tool to display the highlights of your student life by creating a playlist from hashtags or social media posts

Plan the context of the electronic board in advance

Digital signage software allows you to effectively manage information screens. One of the key features of effective interactive whiteboard management is the ability to plan content in advance. This feature allows users to spend a certain amount of time preparing content. After their preparation, users can focus on school tasks, and the electronic board will display the prepared content on specific days and times.

Key benefits of equipping schools with electronic boards

  • Multimedia boards will help increase students’ motivation through gamification and prizes. On the electronic board, you can, for example, display the name of a student with a particular achievement for the day. Not only is this beneficial for students and teachers, but it can also make a huge impression on your visitors.
  • Impress visitors with attractive photos and videos displayed on electronic boards, showcasing the school’s facilities and achievement
  • Multi-media boards ensure that warnings and notifications about hazards are disseminated throughout the school or campus
  • Maintain close and central control of messages displayed on the multimedia board, which enables remote management
  • Raise awareness of new academic events or lectures by displaying compelling information on a multi-media board
  • View upcoming events or school trips to increase participation and bond with the class
  • Save money and the environment by not using traditional information techniques such as paper flyers and posters
  • Keep students, faculty and staff informed and entertained at the same time, and increase campus employee engagement


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