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Impress your audience

An eye-catching video wall helps to promote your products and services in venues. Video walls, introduce a new experience for customers to interact with your brand message, which can be one of the key parts of creating a conducive business environment. It is important to bear in mind that a video wall is composed of a variety of smaller screens, the screens can vary in brightness level, glow, colour, etc. This problem with uniformity can create a negative brand perception. If you want to impress your customers with a video wall you need to know a few things. You need to use screens with very thin bezels and very high image quality. This will ensure that you create a positive visual experience that will be memorable


Daisy Chain

Professional screens designed for video walls have DisplayPort and HDMI inputs. Thanks to the DaisyChain function, we can connect the screens in a simple way, one to the other, and create a video wall. We do not need any additional hardware or software for this. The screens’ internal software will calibrate the image and display it on the videowall in the correct resolution and high quality.

Ultra-thin bezels

Typically, professional video wall screens have ultra-thin bezels ranging from 3.8 mm to even 1.8 mm. With seamless advertising screens, we can display high-quality images with minimal loss of space. By reducing the gap between screens to a minimum, by using seamless advertising screens we can create an image with minimal gaps. This allows us to create an atmosphere at the point of sale and increase positive brand experiences.

IPS matrix

The IPS matrix presents one of the clearest images in landscape orientation and portrait orientation, with no loss of quality. IPS also provides very good visibility from almost any angle. Even at an ultra-wide 178-degree angle, the matrix displays a precise, high-quality image

High brightness

Professional videowall panels (seamless advertising screens) , have an anti-reflective coating which ensures adequate visibility even when a strong light source is directed at the screen. The brightness of a videowall advertising screen that we recommend for this type of installation is 700 cd. Video wall panels also offer extremely high contrast.

Long life of the panels

Professional video walls are designed for an extended service life. They are equipped with so-called pixel-shifting, which protects the screen from displaying the same pixel for too long. The panels also need to be able to cope with heat resistance and have the ability to dissipate this heat, otherwise the quality and smoothness of the image may be reduced. Many businesses require long running times. Video walls are therefore designed to meet these requirements. In these cases in particular, video walls are a serious benefit to these types of business owners

Advertising screens

Brightness: 350 – 2500 cd | Operating mode: 24/7

Resolution: Full HD

Orientation: Horizontal/Vertical

Frame: 10 mm

Application: indoor, street display

Brightness: 500-700 cd | Operating mode: 24/7

Resolution: Full HD

Orientation: Horizontal/Vertical

Frame: 1,8 – 3,8 mm

Application: indoor


Reference wall 2×2 55″ frame 3,5mm

Reference wall 2×2 55″ frame 2cm

Reference wall 3×3 55″ frame 3,5mm

Reference wall 3×3 55″ frame 2 cm


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