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The website matters

The shop window – whether on a busy street or in a shopping mall –  is the first element the customer sees, and if designed correctly,it helps to stand out in a row of neighbours and effectively encourage people to enter the sales area. To achieve such a g oal, it is worth equipping the shop window with an advertising screen. Dynamic, glowing content will attract the attention of every pedestrian.

Replace posters with screens

  • Dynamic content draws the attention of the pedestrian
  • Quick way to update the content
  • Glowing message attracts customer attention
  • No logistics costs
  • Full control and overview of the displayed material

Vertical or horizontal?

When we think of a display screen for a shop window, the idea that most often comes to mind is that it replaces the traditional poster. Most posters are printed vertically and this seems to be the most attractive format for presentation on a website. In the case of fashion content, we suggest vertical installations, but when you want to convey a textual form, a more natural way is to present it horizontally. Of course, there is no one right solution, the choice is yours!

Screen size

A larger screen is simply more visible. A shop window advertising monitor is meant to attract attention, so we should not consider buying a device smaller than 49″.

Shop window  advertising screens

Display 2500 cd 55″
+ player + soft

Display 4000 cd 55″
(player and software included in the price)

Display dualside 55″
3000/1000 cd (player and software included)

Advertising screens for a gallery window

Display 400 cd 55″

Display 400 cd 65″

Display 400 cd 75″


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