Digital signage system


Large screens that are used in many sectors, we often see them at stations, airports and shopping malls. They display the timetable, public transport delays, and current promotions. In addition, we can observe well-functioning displays, which are a tool for organization in places such as offices or clinics. This is digital signage. For us – the society of visual learners, it is a very attractive medium. Obviously – the screen is the most visible element of the system, but not the most important. 

Digital signage

In the above paragraph, we approached the topic in a simplified and more pragmatic way, so that everyone interested could recall the moments when the aforementioned digital signage screens were seen and even used (queuing system, timetables, advertisements). However, it is important to realize that this is not just a “very large TV” but a carefully planned system. Digital signage is a centrally controlled system, content distribution platform, through which multimedia content can be played on one or more displays. Digital Signage screens are used to convey any number of types of information, such as live weather, news, menus, schedules, and advertisements.


In order for the content to reach the screen at the right time and with the right frequency – we need software. Thanks to this system, we are able to create multimedia content, which definitely improves the entire process. We can plan the order in which the next slides will be displayed. If you are the person responsible for refreshing and updating the content – you can do it from anywhere, at any time. If you have several points with digital signage screens, and you care about the consistency of the exhibition – the software allows you to control each of the screens.


Are such solutions actually useful? How does digital signage surpass traditional forms of information transmission? Well, it should be remembered that we live in a society where 65% of people are visual learners. The screens are even designed for our times. They are the result of our needs. Placing a display with attractive content in strategic points in the store increases the sale of the displayed goods by about 32%. This is just one of the few studies in the field of digital signage activities. It is known that they attract more attention, we prefer to see a photo or animations of a delicious sandwich than just reading its composition on the menu card. In some places, screens are part of interior decoration, which also raises the status of the place.

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