The Promotional Board Creator – a modern solution on the Digital Signage market


Promotional board creator – intuitive system

The Promotional board creator is a modern, but extremely easy and intuitive system for creating advertisements for any type of retail outlets. It doesn’t help us, it does all the work for us in an unimaginably short time. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or computer to reach customers visiting the store with information about products, current promotions and discounts. To use the Creator, you do not need to hire a whole team of IT specialists or invest in long and expensive employee training. The perfect advertisement can be created by anyone who knows how to turn on the smartphone

Instead of the course offer, we provide the stages of working with the Creator:

1. Turn on your laptop or smartphone.
2. Log in to the Creator’s website.
3. Select a product from the list.
4. Enter the name and price.
5. Upload your own product photo or use photos from the database.

The end. Ready. The rest will be taken care of by the system that will prepare the most visually effective advertisement, which you just need to accept and let it reach customers on advertising screens.
Of course, it is worth remembering about your own requirements and needs of the brand. A well-prepared template, which includes the name, logo and colors of the retail outlet, will allow the system to match our expectations flawlessly

Promotional board creator – Allows you to make changes quickly

The Creator also allows you to plan. We can easily set the order of displayed products, the duration of the advertisement, but also determine in advance when specific information should start appearing and by when it will be visible – a tool extremely useful during promotions. At any time, it is possible to introduce modifications, upload your own photos and materials to make our offer unique and attract customers. The Promotional board creator is a necessary and great choice, as more and more traders find out about it.

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