The benefits of the Promotional Board Creator for your business


The Promotional Board Creator is a good solution for every business

Most importantly – the Creator is the perfect solution for any type of business. It doesn’t matter whether you are the owner of a goldsmith’s showroom or with luxurious furniture, or the manager of a local grocery store. The principles of modern marketing are common to all commercial and service establishments. Thanks to scientific research in the field of customer psychology and the latest material and IT technologies, tools for the preparation of own advertisements and information about goods have also become available.

Promotional board creator – easy operation

The basic product in this regard is the Creator of promotional boards. It replaces advertising agencies. It is reliable. It takes about 30 seconds to prepare the promotion information. Yes, it means that the modern image of your store, salon, bar, cafe, restaurant, pharmacy will be ready before you drink an espresso. Operation of the program does not require any prior training. The presentation of goods, prices, discounts and seasonal promotions can be done by every employee in their free time and for pleasure.

Promotional board creator – all materials in one template

By logging in to the Promotional Board Maker website, you can prepare a template with the name, logo and characteristic colors of your premises. The template will remain in the database, ready for further use. Then you select the goods you want to present to your customers from the list. You enter the price and any additional information. You choose a photo from the database or upload your own photos. After a few seconds, the Creator presents a ready-made ad proposal, which you only need to confirm.

Promotional board creator – Modernity and profit

A piece of cake but the benefits are remarkable. Above all, we gain the image of a modern and professional facility that cares about the client, providing him with a sense of comfort and special treatment. We gain control over the content and quality of ads that will constantly appear on advertising monitors. We gain time and money. The money is even doubled, because – firstly – we create an advertisement ourselves without investing in external companies, and secondly – as the statistics show – the turnover of outlets that use the Advertising board creator and advertising screens increases significantly.

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