Advertising monitors – external and internal


Today, advertising monitors are replacing traditional forms of advertising such as leaflets, posters or brochures. They provide a marketing tool worthy of our digital age. They work well in any industry in which there is contact with other people. There is a lot of freedom in this area. You should adjust the appropriate size of the advertising monitor to your needs and marketing goals. There are both huge LED walls and smaller computer-sized screens on the market. Among the proposals, we also have a large screen, POS monitor, info kiosk, advertising totem, etc. We can use them inside and outside, being aware that the parameters for these two environments are different. An advertising monitor gives us endless possibilities and real benefits.


What should a good-quality, functional advertising display have? Let’s think about the structure of the work of such a screen. It constantly displays different types of content in different colors for a large part of the day. The conclusion from this is that the display has to be durable. Its task is to work continuously throughout the opening of the store – even if it is open 24 hours a day. When choosing the right equipment for your business, remember about the brightness parameter. It must be adapted to the surrounding conditions – artificial or natural lighting must be taken into account. When looking for a monitor inside, 300-700 nits are enough, but the external advertising screen must show a brightness parameter above 2500 nits. Of course, for everything to work flawlessly, we need software, and the hardware must be fully automatic.


An advertising screen intended for the external functioning must be properly adapted to it. The brightness mentioned above must be at least 2500 nits to be visible to viewers in all conditions – even in the sunniest conditions. In addition, it must be temperature resistant. In Poland, during the summer and winter months, this can be extremely extreme. Then the monitor cannot overheat or turn off from the cold, it must be properly prepared. Another important aspect is the anti-reflective coating, which ensures good visibility of the displayed content on the sunniest days. Uncoated glass reflects light, which significantly disturbs the image quality. In addition, the outdoor advertising screen must be protected by toughened glass.


Well-functioning equipment, adapted to the long-term display of content, can be a total game changer in the marketing of your company. About 80% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of purchase. Therefore, placing the advertising screen in strategic places, and displaying encouraging, attractive offers, promotions and advertisements on them can significantly increase your sales and customer satisfaction. When working with people, the satisfaction factor is a gratification in itself, because it usually means that the client will come back to us. The entire digital signage system, i.e. monitor, player and software, when used properly, can bring huge benefits to your company.

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